Daxmu fixes 23 januari 2020

Added socket upgrade note to drop in raklion, for upgrading pantera Claws and others

Added AA short sword to box of kundun 5

Fixed character creation issues

Fixed options display issue on Guardian items

Fixed korean translations of chaos machine item enchant combination

Fixed Devil Square monsters spawn

Fixed Chaos Castle event monsters settings

Fixed Earring Attributes

Fixed typo in MiracleBoxShop

Fixed typo in MuQuest - Growl lancer quest inventory/warehouse

Fixed minor issue on Ruud Shop

Fixed possible issues with expired Guardian items

Fixed Slayer lucky items drop when SetItemRate is enabled in item bags

Fixed Ghost Horse Attack Speed option issues

Fixed inability to upgrade pentagram level when trade limit it 0

Fixed Nix monster disappear issue Fixed ability to use expired Horn of Fenrir

Fixed client crash while opening cash shop in certain scenarios

Fixed Angel & Devil wings options issue Fixed Silver Heart set options functionality issue (this is not the options display issue fix) Fixed Harsh Strike mastery skill issues Fixed monster counter for quests not displaying values above 255


Run the mu online launcher.exe to get the latest patch

our download the latest client here:

Posted 23 / 01 / 2020 By MuAdmin


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Dax mu online season 15