Funzmu Season XIII

Funzmu Season XIII

Muonline updates 7-september-2018

We gladly announce you that the following muonline fixes are installed

- seeds drops from pvp event & silvester are fixed now
- offtrade disabled for now
- erohim drops fixed
- erohim boss = power now
- erohim gives upto 12 custom items with % its ancient + excellent
- erohim gives 2500 goblin points.
- added spirit powder drop from higher maps

- fixed custom items cannot wear at low stats/level
- Rf skills improved, general better feeling pvm & pvp damage fixes
- Dw skills damage & feeling fixed
- Bk skills damage & feeling fixed, ruud skill also improved
- Dl skills damage & feeling fixed
- Summoner skills speed fixed, feels better on pvm & pvp 

- Fixed party exp issue
- Fixed Dark side skill range issue
- Fixed selected items do not auto-stack
- Fixed crywolf monsters spawn issue
- Fixed issues with NotApplyStunOnReflectDamage option
- Blocked ability to use /setparty in Chaos Castle event
- Fixed spirit stone chaos mix gets stuck sometimes
- Fixed fruits systems not working properly when using non-default points per level config
- Added ViewRange attribute to IGC_MapAttribute.xml
- Fixed minor translation issue required level.
- Fixed maximum maximum level display of 400 in C window
- Extended maximum Blood Castle event monsters (boss to 50 and general to 250)
- Fixed set / socket options for Rage Fighter class
- Fixed Santa Village invitation level requirement issue

- Lucky coins 30 drops these:
-- spirit powder
-- elemental talisman of luck
-- elemental talisman of chaos
-- elemental powder
-- Talisman Element Change

- removed elixer & Jewel Combination Frame from game, s13 uses elemental rune

- darkside range reduced
- spirit hook enchanged reviewed and tweaked


Posted 08 / 09 / 2018 By MuAdmin

Currently this is only one server.