We installed a system called specialty classes system. This means each class has bonus damage against 1 other class.

This way all classes are useful in-game and good for bigger events like SIEGE & BIG BOSSES

Before we installed this system we made sure all classes have +- the same damage and defense against each other and on top of this we installed the new system.

Mu online bonus powers par class
Dark Wizard power bonus        vs Slayer
Blade knight power bonus    vs Summoner 
Elf bonus  power bonus        vs dark knight
Magic gladiator power bonus    vs dark lord
Darklord power bonus        vs Dark wizard
Summoner power bonus        vs Grow lancer
Ragefighte power bonus        vs ELF
Grow Lancer power bonus        vs Rune wizard
Rune wizard power bonus        vs Rage fighter
Slayer power bonus        vs Magic gladiator

PVM system is around the same damage/defense for each class. We based this on kill time of strong monsters. 

Posted 29 / 07 / 2020 By MuAdmin


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