Funzmu Season XIII

Funzmu Season XIII

Muonline new patch 30 august

30 august update list

- Lastman standing npc walks away
- Lastman standing event: map changed
- Lastman standing event: Bug goes out of bound fix
- Socket items upgrade, gives same count sockets as orginal upgrade item
- Upgrade archangel items 100% fix
- Socket now can have same options ( but only at low %, so 5x5% damage reduction now possible )
- max damage decrease is now 150%
- Events party warp disabled
- Poison arrow damage reduced
- Increase RF pvp damage
- Added elemental rune + powder to acheron
- New ancient items dont need lvl 800 anymore
- elf multishot reduced



24 august update list

- Antihack install / teleport issue
- when you upgrade your socket item skill/luck loss fix
- spots at raklion
- crywolf event drops custom jewels & ancients
- sky-map non-pvp
- new ancient items seems to be some error on total options fix
- Cannot wear dark devil shield and miracle staff fix
- added socket shield drops raklion
- knicks boss drops rings+pendants and jewel of dark bless/soul
- GoD of Darkness only drops custom jewel
- Acheron spots added with drops for mithril farming
- Change npc position Luke Lastman standing + rename to 138-140 lorencia
- trade/store lucky tickets
- Soul seeker/Meteor storm/Meteor strike damage reduced, increased other skills pvm and pvp

Posted 30 / 08 / 2018 By Admin

Currently this is only one server.