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Mu online fixes installed.

Security fixes

  • -> [MOD] better compatibility with LauncherServer reconnection when using Anti-DoS protection
  • -> [MOD] ConnectServer State Check: launcher server will establish the connection to ConnectServer once and monitor its state instead of continuously reconnection every few seconds
  • -> [NEW] Anti-DoS: option to automatically ban suspects in the Firewall
  • -> [FIX] Anti-DoS: fixed various vulnerabilities such as connection spoofing etc

Pierce attack slayer missing hits issue

Fixed agility bug on the slayer

Added new speed limit on the slayer

Retweaked all slayers skills

Fixed Slayer vs BK PVP ( bk will need a shield for sure )

Fixed Slayer vs SM PVP

Fixed Slayer vs SUM PVP ( If slayer has a shield, PVP style will be slow, if dual sword fast PVP )

Deathside delay to 0.5 seconds for summoner Remaded all formula's for summoner skills

Reduced PVM based on the death side

Fixed global PVP summoner Fixed SUM vs BK ( bk will need shield )

Fixed SUM vs Slayer ( If slayer has a shield, PVP style will be slow, if dual sword fast PVP )

Fixed SUM vs SM All classes kills 2x as fast monsters compared to blade knight PVM old settings.

Fixed x-shop soul book Run launcher.exe to get the latest fixes.



Posted 21 / 01 / 2020 By MuAdmin


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