New mu online updates 15 januari 2020

Fixed item names & descriptions
Fixed glow for many boots
Added new ancient type Atron + sets
Added new ancient type Elite + sets
Updated X-shop

Deathside skill has now a delay cause (1 hit issue)
Slayer skills has been weakened.
Summoner/slayer will be the same as the other classes. 
More tweaks are coming soon.

Fixed Game Client lag that appeared in previous version
Fixed Kundund's Greed does not always disappear after usage

Fixed launcher/update system
-> [FIX] in some cases, https sites cannot be displayed because of ceriticate error
-> [FIX] windows DPI fixes
-> [FIX] ServerList for autologin does how show when launcher first open

Summoner silverheart set is still in progress, there is no easy fix for it yet.


Download the new client here:

Posted 15 / 01 / 2020 By MuAdmin


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