Global mu online information. Mu online is a mmorpg free to play for all. In a 2,5 dimension with a top view you are born into a virtual world. From here you can create different classes like an elf, dark wizard and or a dark knight. In later stadia you can unlock extra classes like a slayer, magic gladiator runewizard en more classes with each has unique skills and powers. In pink muonline all the gameplay is configured to be easy, this means i'ts easy to level up and gain alot of experience fast. To level up your favourite mu online class to the maximum. Once ingame its your task to complete muonline quests and hunt your favourite items to keep getting stronger and join the mu top 100 PK contents. Once you become the strongest mu online player it's time to join the big events, like castle siege. This muonline event is team based, this means you must create mu online guilds with your friends and claim the throne. We wish you a happy mu online time.

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Mu online season 15
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