New mu online updates are installed.

Mu online patch log:

- Grand reset limit up to 500

- 1 grand reset = now 15 normal resets.

- Fixed lucky items excellent options

- Fixed lucky items can be upgraded by jewels

- Fixed lucky items cannot be sold at this npc error

- Increased mithril droprate at map ferea

- Increased errtel rank up succesrate

- errtel of radiance can now be created at npc adniel

- Added new Plasma bow with working triple shot skill

- Scorched canyon random mob drop added:

-- Added drop sculpture

-- Added drop Guardian Enhanced Stone

-- Added drop Elite Guardian Enhanced Stone

- blue ribbon box drops custom item now ( non-ancient )

- trivia event gives now elemental rune

- Attack Increase Strengthener 3th skilltree gives more buff damage

- Updated news system with drops

-- Nix lake drops AA weapons now, including rune and slayer

-- Nars drops 4th wings ingredients + rune maces

-- Acheron Talisman of elemental change & Excellent quivers - Elemental Rune & Powder

-- Debenter drops custom socketed sets

-- Lucky coins npc added at lorencia bridge

- /offtrade at lorencia non-pvp enabled

- Fixed Earring Options do not work properly

- Fixed Game Server vulnerability

- Fixed Game Server crash

- Fixed vip rates for vip-users at all servers, including normal/market/etc

- Players at lvl 1 can be pk'ed now (at pvp server only )

- Lucky items can be sold/dropped

- Silver key gold key can be sold/dropped

- Some other items can be sold/dropped

- Removed clear inventory command

- Fixed flawless sometimes don't have ancient option on drop.

- Blood castle VIP server fixed warp

- Changed whisper color

- Removed player enter message

- disabled offtrade on PvP server

- elite shield can have skill now ( can upgrade with jewel )

- Added absolute lance to box of kundun5

- Fixed switched wings item names.



-- NOTICE: HP-BAR goes down when 10% hp remains

- Drops up to 25 wcoins boxes.

- Or has chance to drops:

-- small % to drops absolute & atron boxes

-- very small % to drop ELITE weapon/shield


- Respawn time +- 3 hours

Posted 13 / 02 / 2020 By MuAdmin


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Dax mu online season 15