Funzmu Season XIII

Funzmu Season XIII

Big updates installed: 27-7-2018

Allright the next updates are installed now!
- run update.exe to collect the latest fixes.

- New ingame shop items (x)
-- For 6 excellent set
-- Custom jewels
-- Wings lvl 1-2-3-4

- (Website) online time gives now 50 wcoins par hour.
- Added good wcoins farming from bosses & events.
- Fixed skilltree 3th&4th passive formula's to match PvM and PvP.
- Fixed alot of skill damage & PvP/Pvm OP issue's.
- Increased PvM damage of all skills ( due to nerf for bugged OP 1-hit skills ).
- Increased Ruud from bosses 15k up to 55k par boss.
- Added serverside antihack for skillspeed.
- Increased HP for all characters.
- Allow FO+acc drops ingame, and you can upgrade them with harmony ( tested with pvp, result is fixed faster pvp, but not 1 hit KO )
- Can trade items with JOH now.
- Added Lorencia ring PK-Free zone.

- All Bosses Removed ennoying skill that all goes MISS MISS MISS, except elemental damage hits
-- Some bosses, summon minions. You have to kill them first ( this is designed miss rate )

- Reduced Kundun HP
- Core magriffy reduce HP
-- but increased damage abit
- Reduced Sylvester HP
-- added wcoins 500 always drops
-- can drop ruud 30%
-- can drop 7 socket item
-- can drop jewel of socket ( adds +1 socket options )

- Removed balrog mob from BC.
- Added wcoins in BC wizard.

- Increased FO item droprate from any excellent item drop ( I dropped 15 boxes and found FO item ).
- Fixed alot of items that were stuck in event inventory.
- Trade items fixed ( panda, etc )
- Increased starters EXP abit.
- JOH have now fair option to be a good option ( all options has 50% chance ).
- When creating wings from chaos machine, good % has quality excellent options, and moderate % for FO.

- Spots added to nix, darkness
- Increased droprate sXIII items at higher maps
-- Steel of Heaven
-- Stones

- Added lucky coins npc to lorencia

And alot more small fixes, but forgot to write down xD

Have fun !

Posted 27 / 07 / 2018 By Admin

Currently this is only one server.